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Thu May 30 13:54:49 EDT 2019

Thank you Ralph and Monte,

i've read some things about multiple APK's on Google dev. "Lucky" we 
don't need to use the Google signing, it's optional. We can just use the 
Java keystore.

There is also mentioned what you say Ralph in respect of the different 
cpu and other possible dependencies.

Perhaps for the older ARMv6 devices we may need 5 versions, but like you 
said Google play will push the best APK option for the device. And yes 
every APK needs to have a different/higher Version Code. And keep in 
check which Version Code you used for which type of APK.

Also when Google signing is used there is an option to have dependencies 
build, but probably that is only useful for users of Android Studio.So 
then only the parts being needed are installed, as far as i understood 

Thanks Monte for confirming it, that it will push the build upon the 
target architecture.

Is it possible as feature, that there can be a checkbox added, so you 
can choose to have separate builds instead of one multiple build when 
more then 1 build is chosen?

Indeed that would be a nice addition you proposed.



Monte Goulding via use-livecode schreef op 2019-05-29 23:27:
>> On 30 May 2019, at 7:10 am, JJS via use-livecode 
>> <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> What will it push to the phone if all 4 options are selected? does it 
>> check what is connected?
> Yes the deploy library (Test button) uses an adb command to detect the
> target device architecture and just builds that no matter what you
> have selected in the standalone settings. This means you can leave
> armv7 and arm64 selected for release builds and the Test button will
> deploy x86 if you are targeting an x86 emulator.
> Note I just created this enhancement request to add the target
> architecture in parenthesis after the target name in the menu.
> <>
> Cheers
> Monte
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