Ken Burns Effects - acceleratedRendering

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue May 28 23:07:06 EDT 2019

After listening to Mark Waddington presentation regarding the new container mode. It would seems that the layerMode --  container is for groups only. 

So nothing has changed with respect to doing Ken Burn effect with large image, or  a parallax effect with images placed on top of each other, or far that matter, moving an animated gif across the screen. Setting these to a dynamic layerMode, with acceleratedRendering sent to true is still "very expensive"  and will block the engine.

Assuming we continue to use Animated Engine (since no better tool has arrived)

1) we can change the rect and position of image over time. (expand very slowly and more the foreground going to the right....)

2) Animation Engine uses send in time, which, in theory allows for the CPU to handle other message, like a  top scrolling field.

Questions are

1. Can it be done? 

I've told off list that it can't, the engine will block so badly that performance will be "horrible" .  I had this experience with "moving" an  animatedGif. Android actually would crash... But I used the engine "move" command. But it may have worked better to use Animation Engine

2. Assuming something simple... like one image landscape with a KenBurn running with a scrolling field on top: Will it help to set something different in the defaults for
compositorTileSize, compositorType, compositorCacheLimit to make it work better? I am assuming we need to keep the image as some as possible. But even a 136K jpg on disk become a 2.37 meg monster after it opens. Of course we would also be use prepare image so that it is in cache.

Can it be done? Or are we looking at LC"12" for any modern day animations, transitions.  Or maybe never  because LC in single treaded...


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