Livecode Array Encoding / Decoding using other platforms?

ambassador at ambassador at
Mon May 20 23:18:57 EDT 2019

Tom Glod wrote:

> Hi Friends, I love the convenience of encoding arrays into binary 
> chunks
> for saving and transport.
> But while doing data processing ideally I'd like to be able to decode 
> my
> livecode arrays in other more high performance languages.

LC's arrays are encoded and decoded in machine code. Just how fast do 
you need that?

> Is there some method by which this encoding happens that is standard 
> and
> can be decoded using non livecode platforms?

I have some notes on the older format I can see if I can pull together, 
based on things Mark Waddingham had written.  But that was before the 
code base became relicensed as open source. The current code base would 
seem the best place for exploring the straight dope.

- rg/4w

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