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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 18 04:19:26 EDT 2019

Curry Kenworthy wrote:

 > Richard:
 >  >> This is why I do my daily work in the latest available build, and
 >  >> encourage others to do the same.
 > Paul:
 >  > I completely agree.
 > "Latest build" is a nice catchy meme, repeated fairly often but like
 > many memes very incomplete and therefore less effective at results, no
 > matter how they may tug at our hearts. That's because it's only one of
 > several ingredients necessary to find regression bugs.
 > To find regressions (unless they are super-obvious) you may also need,
 > for example: ...[long list followed]

While that would make a great work plan for a professional tester, and 
useful guidance for anyone who has time for that sort of detailed work, 
I wouldn't want to scare people away from valuable reporting with the 
notion that it needs to be daunting.

At a minimum, all that's needed is to open a report and write down the 
steps needed to see the problem.

Extra bonus points if you run a search first to see if it's already been 
reported, but I've been delightfully surprised by Bugzilla's automated 
prompt that does that for you when you first type the summary.  And if 
it turns out there's a duplicate, they're easy for the team to merge. 
Better to err on having an issue overreported than not reported at all.

The advantage to doing daily work with the latest version is that it 
saves having to add an extra step in the process:  If you use an older 
version, you'll need to see if the issue has already been fixed.

Testing in older versions is a nice-to-have.

Testing in the version the team is currently working on is a must-have.

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