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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Fri May 17 12:06:49 EDT 2019


 >> This is why I do my daily work in the latest available build, and
 >> encourage others to do the same.


 > I completely agree.

"Latest build" is a nice catchy meme, repeated fairly often but like 
many memes very incomplete and therefore less effective at results, no 
matter how they may tug at our hearts. That's because it's only one of 
several ingredients necessary to find regression bugs.

To find regressions (unless they are super-obvious) you may also need, 
for example:

- at least one older LC version to compare, preferably more, and/or 
older standalones (although standalones will generally only test exactly 
what's already coded, so older IDEs are better)

- enough intimacy and history with the details of LC features to notice 
the change

- sufficient LC proficiency to realize it's an LC bug and not just 
assume it's a user mistake (that's what most newbies do assume)

- patience and detail-oriented mindset

- the proper OS (etc) since some depend on platform (etc)

- often a bit of luck (or sheer thoroughness) to use that particular LC 
feature with the right data or params to trigger the problem

- and perhaps most importantly, the time ($$$ or free time/energy) and 
attention to quality necessary to pursue comparison QA testing

- a test stack repository helps, which is even more effective if shared

So the more necessary components, the better. Maybe a better meme would 
be to always install the latest build AND install an older LC build AND 
try as many variations as possible AND try to free up some extra time in 
life for the effort? :)

I salute those of us who do have the necessary traits and resources to 
find these less-obvious regressions and report them!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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