add win64 build support standalones, how does it work

JJS jjs at
Tue May 14 13:35:42 EDT 2019


i saw at the notable changes for lc904 build support for win64 standalones.

      New LiveCode releases

  * LiveCode 9.0.4

      Notable changes

  * Allow nothing as variadic argument to foreign handler
  * Update SQLite to v3.28.0
  * Allow setting the label of a graphic from the Property Inspector
  * AcceleratedRendering: Add container layer modes
  * Ensure Android ScrollViews don’t cancel touch events
  * Add support for building win64 standalones
  * Allow infinite result in div, times and pow operations
  * Browser Widget: Progress, isSecure and allowUserInteraction

How does this work?

Is a build standard 64 bits?

As i don't see something we select, like with building for MacOs.

Thanks for any enlightening on this. And if it is true it is great!


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