Help with Pasting of RTL languages into a field

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Mon May 13 18:18:29 EDT 2019

Also it may help to relate this back to our own language: what alignment 
should be used consistently for English text? Left? Are you sure? :)

In fact it's also common enough to align center (title), right (date), 
etc. Left is only the default. Each par (and even tab stops) must be 
able to inherit and override. It defaults for our convenience but is not 
chiseled in stone. Alignment is a paragraph property.

Arabic and Hebrew pages can be formatted too. RTL and LTR text can even 
exist on the same line of text. Thus alignment is ultimately up to the 
user (and to some extent the app designer) just as it is with LTR text.

In Richmond's experiment I assume that the Google RTL text was either 
implicitly right aligned or inside an aligned UI container, while the 
RTF source was explicitly aligned at the par level. If so, both pastes 
make good sense!

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