Question for LCB FFI workshop attendees at upcoming conference

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Fri May 10 10:59:48 EDT 2019


It will be sad, a great loss or even a travesty if the worshops are not
recordered somehow.

Even if by using a couple of mobile phones for good sound and "so so" video.

The simulcast won'rt be anywhere near as useful as it could be without
these Workshops.

If the slides,text, resources  etc ultimately become available that could
go someway towards mitigating the situation,
and not waste of all that programming wisdom by limiting it's access to the
wider community.

We still haven't got our 2000 widgets after nearly 4 years, and  I will let
others decide why this is - I have my own opinions.

Any Workshops -  whether Monty's, Marks Ali's or yours -  should be
recorded (I hope people in the audience don't have their phones confiscated
for making "bootleg" copies).

If LC wants an extra pound of flesh then so be it - but "Say it ain't so".

My 2 Pence worth


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> On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 9:18 AM Trevor DeVore <lists at>
> wrote:
> >
> > I was hoping to just grab the precompiled DLL for it but the downloadable
> > version has a bug in it and would just exit whenever I tried to use it.
> > With Mark Waddingham's help (a lot of it) I now have a basic version
> > working on both macOS and Windows. Even the macOS version required some
> > interesting steps so that the dylibs (pocketsphinx and sphinxbase) would
> > only load the dylibs in the extension's code folder. Wrapping the code
> was
> > also an educational experience and has a number of teaching points that I
> > will bring up in the workshop.
> >
> I should also point out that Monte also provided some valuable guidance on
> variable types to use with the API and working with variadic arguments.
> Lots of good stuff for the workshop.
> --
> Trevor DeVore
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