Resize Stack Sent Everytime a Stack Opens?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri May 10 10:07:49 EDT 2019

I put a "breakpoint" into 

On resizestack x,y,
 [snip code]

End resize stack

At least on Android, this being called every time the stack opens. 

But it doesn't mention that in the dictionary


If you turn for phone sideways (to "landscape") it is not called. 

Even though this is in the dictionary  (which implies that it is called)

The orientationChanged message is sent before any automatic interface
rotation takes place thus changes to the orientation lock state and
allowed set can be made at this point and still have an effect. If you
wish to perform an action after the interface has been rotated, then
either do so on receipt of resizeStack or by using a <send|send in 0
milliseconds(command)> command..


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