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Sun May 5 15:45:31 EDT 2019

Below is the script for a data grid and the stack script.

The data grid times certain jobs, so if you press one, it switched to timing
that job.

The problem is, when I set the dgData for the grid, the rows are blank up to
the row that I press, and none of the changed data appears. However, if I
just set it again in a different action it shows up correctly. That is, the
data doesn't seem to set correctly as part of my activateJob handler. If I
then try to set it again in a different mouseUp handler, everything shows up

Data Grid Script:

on FillInData pData
  local tJob, tTime, tTemp, tHour, tMin
  put pData["jobno"] & space into tJob
  put pData["client"] & space after tJob
  put "-" && pData["jobname"] after tJob
  if pData["timer"] is true then
    set the backgroundColor of graphic "Status" of me to "green"
    set the backgroundColor of graphic "Status" of me to "red"
  end if
  put pData["time"] into tTemp
  put trunc(tTemp/60)into tHour
  if tHour < 1 or tHour is empty then put 0 into tHour
  put tTemp - (tHour*60) into tMin
  if tMin < 1 or tMin is empty then put 0 into tMin
  put tHour & "h" && tMin & "m" into tTime
  put me into tX
  set the text of field "jobInfo" of me to tJob
  set the text of field "taskCode" of me to pData["taskcode"]
  set the text of field "currentTime" of me to tTime
end FillInData

setprop dgHilite pBoolean
  if pBoolean then
    set the foregroundColor of me to the dgProp["hilited text color"] of the
dgControl of me
    set the foregroundColor of me to empty
  end if
end dgHilite

getprop dgDataControl
   return the long ID of me
end dgDataControl

on mouseUp
  local tNum
  put char -5 to -2 of word 5 of the long name of the target into tNum
  put (tNum * 1) into tNum
  switch the short name of the target
    case "Edit"
      editJob tNum
    case "Adjust"
      adjustJob tNum
    case "Status"
      activateJob tNum
  end switch
end mouseUp


Stack Script

local sTimer

command activateJob pNum
  put "activate" into sTimer["settings"]["action"]
  if sTimer["data"][pNum]["timer"] then
    onEndTimer pNum
    onStartTimer pNum
  end if
  set the dgData of group "jobTimers" to sTimer["data"]
end activateJob

command onStartTimer pNum
  repeat for each key tK in sTimer["data"]
    if sTimer["data"][tK]["timer"] is true then
      onEndTimer tK
    end if
    put false into sTimer["data"][tk]["timer"]
    put empty into sTimer["data"][tk]["starttime"]
  end repeat
  put true into sTimer["data"][pNum]["timer"]
  put the seconds into sTimer["data"][pNum]["starttime"]
end onStartTimer

command onEndTimer pNum
  local tCurrent
  put the seconds into tCurrent
  subtract sTimer["data"][pNum]["starttime"] from tCurrent
  put round(tCurrent/60) into tCurrent
  add tCurrent to sTimer["data"][pNum]["time"]
  put false into sTimer["data"][pNum]["timer"]
  put empty into sTimer["data"][pNum]["starttime"]
end onEndTimer

Greg (pink) Miller
mad, pink and dangerous to code
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