Struggling to feel confident with LC mobile dev

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Sun Jun 30 06:42:08 EDT 2019


 > Can someone tell me if they have achieved a good scrolling
 > and rendering performance of text fields.

When it comes to performance, LC text fields usually are not the 
problem. Quite the reverse! Good field performance in general (desktop 
and mobile) and no big trouble on Android last time I tested. Any 
specific problem with fields?

Shoddy code, overuse of controls, reliance on v1 data grids (sorry), 
uncontrolled duplication of code or content, unplanned/uncontemplated 
I/O, and failing to take LC's weaker areas into account for the design - 
these are the culprits who have caused the most performance issues. Bad 
habits die hard. Bad code dies harder.

For Android in particular, people forget that the typical device is not 
designed to compete with an iMac Pro. Designed literally to be the 
lowest common denominator for computing needs. Less forgiving, but 
that's a good opportunity for improving code technique.

I've done my share of Android projects and fields, with good results 
including the fields. Performance is judged per the task, and I don't 
know your task. Generally good. Android does require some care if you're 
delivering a lot of animation, effects, and so on.

Keep controls simple and code tight from the start. Tweak settings as 
needed at the end. Then you should be fine! Confidence in LC is not the 
real struggle. It just needs a little discipline and care for coding 
technique. Good technique also overcomes hardware (and other) 
constraints to some extent.

Yes, LC can make good Android apps. Be thou reasonably confident, but 
with diligent care to thy code and settings.


 > The trick to smooth scrolling on mobile requires only two things:
 > use native scrollers and turn on acceleratedRendering.

(And quite doable even without native scrollers.)

BTW, those who care about good performance (Android and otherwise) could 
vote for box filters in graphic effects:

Not a field feature, but it can be used with fields for impressive 
effects. Confirmed bug since 2014, existing LC feature which was lost 
since LC 6.5, and although there are workarounds it would benefit and 
enrich projects; this used to make a significant improvement to 
rendering speed for effects on Android! Maybe one of those features that 
the more influential and vocal clique was not using or talking about, 
and never realized its potential. :)

Also for those who recognize the importance of LC's own performance - 
it's helpful to support improvements. 905/950 is much better at some 
tasks, excellent progress. Much less huffing and puffing than LC 7-904! 
But don't be misled; as of rc1/dp1 some areas continue to lag. (I'll do 
a followup video with specifics when time allows! Several things I must 
get done first, including my own products.)

Ongoing LC performance bug/feature request here, good progress so far, 
feel free to add your CC:

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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