LC905rc1 Standalone Weirdness with External Stacks

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jun 28 21:44:49 EDT 2019

Paul Dupuis wrote:

 > Thank you for possible conforming, but this is not seen in the IDE.
 > Jut in the built Standalone. It is also very clear that LiveCode
 > thinks the mouse is 20-40 pixels towards the top of the window than
 > it actually is.
 > If I want to click on a button, I don't put the mouse over the button
 > but about 30px under the bottom and click and the button hilites and
 > functions.
 > I think Richard Gaskin has the best educated guess on this. It's like
 > LiveCode is compensating for a Mac Menubar for that stack that isn't
 > there.

Another possible culprit: I wonder if this may be related to Apple's 
wacky "tabbed windows" UI?

Folks used to report seeing what appeared to be a second title bar below 
the real title bar, which turned out to be a tab set with just one tab.

Not sure how a tabbed interface with a single tab that looks identical 
to the drag region was seen as a good idea by anyone in that macOS 
design meeting, but it was what it was, and, like so much in Cupertino, 
"hey, app devs love rewriting their apps every time we add something 
new", so LC needed to accommodate that.

So now I'm wondering if this may be a mismatch of API calls and or 
incomplete feature implementation to deal with Apple's "tabbed windows".

On the one hand, that may explain why you're only seeing it very recent 

On the other hand, it doesn't explain why no one else is reporting it.

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