LC905rc1 Standalone Weirdness with External Stacks

Paul Dupuis paul at
Fri Jun 28 11:24:37 EDT 2019

We have an app we're porting to LC9 (currently doing internal beta 
builds under LC9.0.5rc1) that we're seeing some weirdness when external 
stacks are opened by the standalone.

This is happening under OSX. We've not seen it (so far) under Windows, 
but most of our initial QA testing is done under OSX.

When the standalone opens the external stack (which could be in an older 
stack file format), when the mouse is in the external stack window, 
LiveCode thinks the mouse is about 30-40 pixels ABOVE where the mouse 
actual is.

It does not happen in the main stack or substacks of the standalone, 
just in external stacks and, worse, it is intermittent, which means 
making a recipe to report the bug to LiveCode, Ltd, difficult.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Even if you dismissed it as a 
"fluke", I'd appreciate knowing.

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