Groups do not receive mouseEnter messages?

dunbarxx dunbarx at
Tue Jun 25 16:42:05 EDT 2019


"That is what the "target" is for."

"Right, but when you click on an empty space in a group, it is the target,
and if you only want to script the child objects you would have to
specifically exclude the parent group."

The target in this case is the card. Assuming, of course, that no "real"
control underlies the group. You can always filter out any targets that have
the word "card" in them.

I can appreciate that we do not want to introduce anything that would break
existing stacks. So it is a point that we not simply change the way a group
works by merely modifying an existing property. A new one would be called

We can agree to disagree on the structure of the use-list. 


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