Groups do not receive mouseEnter messages?

dunbarxx dunbarx at
Tue Jun 25 13:53:23 EDT 2019

"I would suggest an enhancement to LiveCode to add a property to Groups 
that toggle between: "

Setting the "opaque" of the group ought to be the property that permits
mouse messages.

"If the group did get mouse click messages, it would complicate things in
situations where you want to know which child object was clicked on."

That is what the "target" is for.

This all may be an edge case. After all, it only recently came up. It just
seems to me an anomaly.

On another note, I find it difficult to use the use-list. One cannot tell
who is writing, there is no easy way to isolate handlers, there is no easy
way to isolate quotes. All this just happened.  The forum is SO much more
accessible and useful.


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