Groups do not receive mouseEnter messages?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Jun 25 13:30:16 EDT 2019

There are clearly use cases where it makes sense for a group (such as it 
it just being used to contain or enclose a set of other controls) NOT to 
received mouse event messages.

There are also use cases where it DOES make sense of a group to received 
mouse event messages, such as if you are using a group as a drawing canvas.

Yes, wonderfully in Livecode, most things that can't be done one way, 
can be coded around to work another way.

I would suggest an enhancement to LiveCode to add a property to Groups 
that toggle between:

behave as a container: current group behavior regarding mouse event 
messages [default]
behave as an object: cause the group to received mouse event message 
(and other routine object messages) following the usual rules (i.e. if 
there is a button in the group that has a mouseEnter handler it gets the 
message when the button is entered, but the group gets a message when it 
is entered, just as if you have a small button on top of a large button)

I don't know what to call the proposed property, and I certainly would 
not, at this time, prioritize it. I've submitted nearly 20 bugs in the 
last 60 days and I'd much rather see more of those fixed that a new 
feature added. That said, a property like this could be s solution for 
both use cases of groups.

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