Groups do not receive mouseEnter messages?

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Mon Jun 24 20:13:38 EDT 2019

Hi Paul - so, you could create a grc object the same size as the group, send it to the back and set its cantSelect property to true. That should give you the behaviour you want as well as preventing your user from selecting the 'background' object in the group that switches to the pointer tool.


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    In LC9.0.5rc1 under Windows, I have a test stack with 2 opaque groups 
    with show borders  - one covering the top half of the card and one 
    covering the bottom half of the card. In side the top group are a couple 
    buttons with plenty of white space around them and inside the bottom 
    group are a couple of graphic objects with plenty of white space around 
    The buttons and graphics have no scripts (currently). Each group has an 
    "on mouseEnter" handler that "choose browse tool" for the top group and 
    "choose pointer tool" for the bottom group.  The simple idea being when 
    the user moves the mouse into the bottom group, the pointer tool is 
    chosen so they could click on and resize the graphics. And when the 
    mouse enter the top group, the browse tool is chosen so the user can 
    click on the buttons without selecting them.
    Neither group seems to receive the mouseEnter messages. Instead, the 
    groups mouseEnter handler is executed for the top group only when the 
    mouse is moved over one of the buttons (which has no mouseEnter handler 
    and so the message is passed to the group) and likewise, the bottom 
    groups mouseEnter handler is executed only when the mouse is moved over 
    one of the graphics.
    Do GROUPs not receive mouseEnter directly? This seems like a bug?Or is 
    there some trick (property settings) for a group to receive mouseEnter 
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