Resuscitation of Scott Raney Paint Tools

hh hh at
Sat Jun 22 16:59:44 EDT 2019

It works here in 9.5.0/9.0.5/9.0.2/8.1.10.

But if you won't use the simple find dialogue I described then
you could directly write (change the two instances of "selectedColor"):

1. script of colorPalette of grp "palette" of cd id 1002 of stack "HAColorChooser":

on mouseUp
  setcolor the selectedColor2 of me
end mouseUp

2. script of grp "Palette" of cd id 1001 of stack "HAColorChooser":

on resetControls
  set the selectedColor2 of colorPalette 1 to getcolor(false)
end resetControls

Of course you have first to toplevel stack "HAColorChooser"
(if it's open as palette).

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