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Again, my drawing gadget creates, sizes, places and dimensions graphics, simulating a CAD drawing.
You are still focused on tool switching and control selecting. That is fine, but is that the main and only issue for you? We can work on that, the goal being that you modify the current behavior of LC to the behavior of the old one you are used to. 
I do not need that, since the entirety of my drawing is created under script control. So may I request that you post to the forum? I am much more comfortable there, and we can all propose handlers that will restore the old way.
Did you try the handler I posted earlier? It is a good start.

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> I implemented a fairly complex drawing module to a stack we use all the time. It isn't CAD, but it looks like it, albeit rather less professional looking than, say, AutoCad or SoldWorks would produce.
> We send these drawings out daily to clients. They are based on data calculated within the stack, and use graphic objects galore.
> But our drawings are one-way, that is, once drawn, they are complete, and are forwarded as PDF's. You are looking to be able to manipulate objects (in CAD parlance) live on screen. In a CAD environment an object that has been selected remains so, regardless of tool or property changes, until either nothing is selected or one or more (other or additional) objects are explicitly selected.
> This should not be a problem, once some tools are in place, such as the one you are asking for with auto re-selection of controls based on recent activity. But that is just gadgetry, and once set up, should allow you to do whatever you want to.
> I would be glad to show you what I make, if that will at least give you an idea of how far you can take drawing in LC. But remember, LC is not a drawing or CAD program. But you can make it act like one. You just have to change some of the built-in rules.
> Craig

Thank you. You example sounds closes to what I am looking for. The old 
stack I have uses a technique of switching the tool from the browse tool 
(when a user need to click on tool icons or menus or whatever to the 
appropriate vector drawing tool when the mouse is over the drawing area, 
including the pointer tool for selecting, dragging, or resizing existing 
graphic objects created using other tools.

The difference is, in the old stack under LC4.6.4 of an object is 
selected (say a rectangle) and the tool is set back to browse to click 
on a color palette (or whatever), the object remains selected. However, 
under LC9 it does not. Or if it is something in the old code of the 
stack I can't figure out what. That's why I am looking for an example to 
learn from.

I'd appreciate taking a look at your stack.

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