iOS First App

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Thu Jun 20 18:37:57 EDT 2019

I'm thinking of diving into my first iOS app. I'd like to adapt my existing desktop LC-based customer database so I can take care of customers when I'm out and about. The iOS app would just be for me and NOT be distributed. The actual data is in a text file and resides in Dropbox. I do have an Apple Developer account.

Can anyone tell me:

1) Can I build an app just for myself and have it *perpetually* on my iPhone? Any caveats?

2) Is there a good tutorial somewhere to help me get started on this? Looks like the lessons on the Livecode site are kind of old - still relevant?

As far as capabilities, it just needs:
1) to be able to read the text file in Dropbox
2) to be able to copy text (to paste into an email)

It will most likely just be used in the portrait orientation, so all-in-all a very simple app.


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