Help with drawing in LiveCode...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Jun 20 14:41:07 EDT 2019

I have an old stack (built under LC 4.6.4) that has a component that 
does some simple drawing. There is a tool bar (some buttons and menus) 
and below that a drawing area (scrolling group)

A mouseMove handler set the tool to the *pointer tool* when over the 
drawing area and back to the *browse tool* when over the toolbar (so the 
user could click buttons/menus to perform functions in the toolbar)

In LC4.6.4 when a object was selected in the drawing area (showing 
selected object handles) and the cursor moved to the toolbar and 
switched back to the browse tool, the selection handles remained and any 
selected object was still among the selectedObjects

Now having converted the stack to LC9.0.5, when the cursor it set back 
to the browse tool, the selection handles on any selected objects 
disappear and no objects are selected!?

So, how in LC9, does one do the basic task of using LC's built in tools 
to select objects in a "drawing area" (a group) and keep them selected 
while mousing outside the drawing area to actually perform some function 
by clicking and sending a mouseUp event (or menupick or whatever)?

I feel I am missing something obvious in changes around this topic 
between LC4.6.4 and LC9.0.5rc1

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