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Thu Jun 20 07:43:57 EDT 2019

[Version 100 computes the marginal color value distribution for each channel R/G/B
of an image and some statistical parameters for each channel.]

Version 160 now adds the distribution of the (R,G,B)-triplets:
The frequencies of the used (R,G,B)-triplets are listed for that.

By using Javascript (via a browser widget) for the conversion of the color bytes to
their numerical R/G/B-values this is fast even for images of screen size.

You can also put the (R,G,B)-triplets into the xˆ3 bins (ranges combinations) that
are given by dividing for each channel the 0-255 range into x=2,4,8,16,32,64,128 bins.

By using bins you can define color-categories such as "close to white", for example
with 64 bins this could be the ranges combination given by the last bin of each of
(R,G,B) = (252-255,252-255,252-255).

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