Using community to update text of a project distributed with Indy license?

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Tue Jun 18 06:56:04 EDT 2019

Dear Curt,

Thanks for asking. This would be prohibited by this clause in your EULA:

"f) Any Created Software built with this Licensed Edition is fully functional and allows users full access to the entire LiveCode feature set. Where the Created Software is a standalone executable, the end user of the Created Software cannot edit scripts or build their own standalones without purchasing or owning a Licensed Edition. You may not attempt to get around any of these limitations or encourage users of your Created Software to attempt to do so."

Essentially, our licensing does not allow you to act as a standalone building service for a Community user, for fairly obvious reasons. 

Also, if your end user opens your stacks in Community, edits them, and shares them with you, he is then obliged to also share your source code with the world. Which I'm guessing you would not want.

So, if he wants to edit your closed source stacks, he's going to need a license of his own. I'll be happy to discuss this further with you if you email support at <mailto:support at>, but I thought it might be helpful to clarify this licensing point on the list :)

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> On 18 Jun 2019, at 00:01, Curt Ford via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> A client needs to make minor updates to the text in a number of modules I've created over several years. To eliminate the back-and-forth of corrections and proofs, he's asked about making the changes himself in LiveCode. (He's never used LiveCode and doesn't have a copy.)
> The question has arisen whether this would be possible if he downloads the free community version of LiveCode, opens the files I've created with my licensed copy of LiveCode, updates the texts, then sends me the files to package them up.
> Another option was for the client to use the community version to create the text in text fields in a 'dummy' stack, from which I'd copy the updated text into the existing modules of my copy with the Indy license.
> I've looked at the FAQ at
> but I'm not quite clear on whether this would be allowed under the terms of the license or not.
> Even if it's not, I'm not sure they'll want to get into this once they see what's involved, but I told them I'd look into it.
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