Is there a way to use custom icons in the navbar widget?

hh hh at
Mon Jun 17 12:03:25 EDT 2019

> I wrote:
> It is a "HTML5 Native Button", similar to the platform related "androidbutton"
> or "iosbutton" widgets. Here is the source code
> This is good to know for people who give advices relating LC to Webdesign,
> HTML, CSS, JavaScript ...

Let me explain my last statement a bit. It is mainly meant to note
= how much work the creation of a single native HTML5 control requires,
= how far away doing webdesign with LC is away from the current state.

TMHO, there is simply no way for LC to concur with the big companies with that.
This is not doable with a few people only.

Concurring within the always changing main stream will, presumably, never make LC
grow. Specializing instead on elsewhere unavailable features, as is currently
done with LCFM for Android, sounds more promising.
The other developing "branches" of LC can profit from that.

Though some features that Roland requests in his last post may become available
with the already announced CSS widget.

And if more people who can afford it share their fancy controls, no matter how
these are derived, then we will get a big base for starters.

LivecodeShare ("Sample stacks" from the toolbar or
is good for that. "Sample stacks" is very easy to use and downloads are fast.

Yes, you can only upload stacks ... But as we all know, stacks can contain a lot of
things for sharing. Especially zips, sample groups or simply sample scripts.

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