math on widths doesn't add up

hh hh at
Fri Jun 14 17:54:41 EDT 2019


Probably you wish with your post avoid the confusion between

= a math-point (x,y) which has no dimension, so cannot be drawn and

= a LC-point (x,y) which is (with a linewidth of 1) in fact a
shorthand for the rect (x,y,x+1,y+1)= 1 pixel, which can be drawn.

So the LC-point (x,y) is (with a linewidth of 1) the pixel in column x+1
and row y+1 of your screen/ coordinate system which has the rect (x,y,x+1,y+1).

Rows and Columns count here one-based, so for example (with a linewidth of 1)
LC-Point (0,0) = rect (0,0,1,1) = pixel 1 of your coordinate system.

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