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On 2019-06-14 00:41, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode wrote:
> Aloha Jerry, I think I have done it correctly
> 1)
> 	I have the four builds in one release
> 2)
> Native platforms -- 	 armeabi-v7a 	- version code 14
> Native platforms -- 	x86_64		 - version code 9
> Native platforms --  x86 		  	- version code 8
> Native platforms -- 	arm64-v8a 	- version code 7
> I still get ERROR
> =============
> 1 message for APK 7
> Fully shadowed APK
> Problem:
> This APK will not be served to any users because it is completely

I wonder if the reason this didn't work is because you have the version 
for armv7 > that for arm64...

I suspect the play store will choose the highest version coded APK that 
run on the target device. As ARMv7 APKs will run on devices which can 
run ARM64,
it will choose the ARMv7 in preference (as it is version code 14, which 
is greater
than 7) and thus 'completely shadow' the ARM64 APK.

Upshot: probably best to make sure ARM64 APKs have higher version code 
ARM7 ones (the same is true of x86-64 and x86 - but in that case you've 
got version-code-of(x86-64) > version-code-of(x86) which is why you 
aren't getting
a shadowed error for those)

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