OT - Could someone with an Android phone do me a favour and test my website?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Jun 13 22:13:48 EDT 2019

All is fine on both my Pixel and Huawei MediaPad m5.

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On June 13, 2019 3:23:31 PM Matthias Rebbe via use-livecode 
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> Hi,
> yesterday i´ve received an email from a user who informed me that my 
> website was not completely visible on his Samsung S7 Edge phone.
> Better said, some text at the bottom of some pages (e.g. pages impressum, 
> disclaimer)  was not visible.
> I could replicate this even on my iPhone and modified my website. After 
> this modification i am able to see all text on all pages with an iPhone and 
> a Samsung S9.
> Unfortunately my customer still experience the problem.
> I would be very grateful if someone with an Android phone could test my 
> site at https://instamaker.dermattes.de <https://instamaker.dermattes.de/> 
> and would tell me, if all text was displayed or not.
> The last words of page impressum should be '32312 Lübbecke' and the last 
> words of page disclaimer should be 'means of spam mail'.
> Regards
> Matthias
> .
> Matthias Rebbe
> free tools for Livecoders:
> https://instamaker.dermattes.de <https://instamaker.dermattes.de/>
> https://winsignhelper.dermattes.de <https://winsignhelper.dermattes.de/>
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