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Try making 1 build for armv7 AND arm64

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Aloha Jerry, I think I have done it correctly

	I have the four builds in one release
Native platforms -- 	 armeabi-v7a 	- version code 14
Native platforms -- 	x86_64		 - version code 9
Native platforms --  x86 		  	- version code 8
Native platforms -- 	arm64-v8a 	- version code 7

I still get ERROR
1 message for APK 7
Fully shadowed APK

This APK will not be served to any users because it is completely shadowed by one or more APKs with higher version codes.

Remove this APK from your release or review the targeting and version codes of the APKs that you are including in this release.
I have no choice but to remove arm64-v8a, but it supports devices  a lot of devices (3105) 

I could run it anyway and not remove  it... maybe it is a "bogus" message from their AI analysis. 


arm64-v8a is now covered by one of the other three, ie. will be installed on the 3105 devices listed under arm64-v8a?


JJB wrote

    your version code needs to be higher than the previous one, each time 
    you upload an update
    you could do:
    arm-v7a vc1      arm64 vc2         x86  vc3           x86-64 vc4
    then next update of your app:
    arm-v7a vc5      arm64 vc6         x86  vc7           x86-64 vc8
    when you manage a release, then you can upload 4 apk's to the console 
    for that release
    But whatever version code you now have, the next ones need to be higher 
    every time.
    As far as i understand you need to upload all apk's per release and not 
    a release per apk architecture

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