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You would be better off making 4 builds 1 for each architecture. This way instead of 1 huge apk you will have 4 smaller ones. Increment the "version code" for each of the 3 additional builds. Upload all 4 apks to the PlayStore. Making one large build has 2 bad side effects. 1) you might not target as many devices because of smaller apk size limits on some devices 2) the download/install will be slower.

You can have multiple APKs in production(internal/alpha/beta for the matter) if 1) the version code is different 2) they target different architectures.

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Never mind, I check all four, got one .APK and uploaded... and not I see

Native Platform


Wow, congrats to LC to doing that so easily..


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    Can anyone give a short lesson on how to submit the multiple android builds on Google Release Management dashboard?
    All brand new to me….

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