Printing to pdf and printing to paper on Android

JJS jjs at
Mon Jun 10 13:41:24 EDT 2019


concerning printing on mobile and then i mean Android, to pdf or paper 
is not supported? (as far as i know)


At least every Android(as of Android 6) i had, had printing services.

So probably it is time to update Printing to pdf and Printer Library and 
maybe other dependencies.

This would be really usefull for all kinds of apps.

I see employees in restaurants and shops using tablets, also Android, 
making notes or entering orders and it gets printed right away.

I see also a few forum posts but not the real deal.

So printing to pdf would be nice, but printing directly on paper would 
be ideal.

There are 2 requests for this, but no follow up on it. Bug 11582 and 
19019, from 2013 and 2016...

So iOs it is working but Android not.

Can this be solved? It's 2019 already.

Any thought's?



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