stack can write to prefs-folder, and cannot!?

Klaus major-k klaus at
Mon Jun 10 08:44:38 EDT 2019

Hi friends,

another mistery with my "uncompilable" stack. :-/

The stack created a subfolder in specialfolderpath("preferences") (Mac only!)
and two more subfolders in that folder, so the pathnames are:
tAppData -> specialfolderpath("preferences") & "/nameofapp/appdata/
tUserData -> specialfolderpath("preferences") & "/nameofapp/userdata/

At one point the stack writes some data:
put tValue into url("binfile:" & tAppData & tName & ".prf")
## No problem
Same stack at another point:
export snapshot from xxxxxx to file (tUserData & "XXX") as JPEG
## And I get: can't open file

If I create a button in hte same stack with this script:
on mouseup
  put "sdsdsdsdd" into url("file:" & tAppData & "abc.prf")
  put the result
end mouseUp
I also get this RESULT: can't open file

After several attempts, I do not even get the error anymore, just no data written!?

What the hell is going on here? What am I overlooking?
Any hints appreciated.



Klaus Major
klaus at

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