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Just to add to whats already been said.......

Your app can run at full screen mode or in a window.
Your app can resize and reposition the controls as the window is resized.
(using very simple commands inside a resizestack handler), so instead of
worrying about monitor size, you can make it responsive.  Its a bit of
extra work, but not that much, and worth doing.
Making scrollbars appear if needed is trivial.
The key is to plan your interface into groups, and think about what you
will need ahead of time.
Use "shared" groups that appear on each card. eg a group called
"navigation" with all navigation buttons in it.
You can create a beautiful, responsive, clean interfaces using livecode.
That I know for sure.  Easily.

All the best on your project. feel free to pm me if u need help.

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> I ran into this too concerning the "effective" keyword. The dictionary
> says,
> "Adding the effective adjective to either form returns the area of the
> screen the application has to itself. In particular, if the keyboard is
> activated, it take into account if the keyboard is taking up space on the
> screen. (Android and iOS only)"
> I'm not sure if that means that the keyword can only be used with Android
> or iOS, or if it means that statement about the keyboard taking up the
> screen only applies to Android or iOS (as opposed to say a Windows tablet).
> Looking up the "effective" keyword seems to indicate that it returns the
> inherited property of an object. It does not list screenRect(s) as valid.
> But it seems (and I'm not complaining, just observing) that getting the
> effective screenRect of say a stack or a card would never occur to me.
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> >
> > Here's a silly thought that may help a bit . . .
> >
> >
> >
> > Richmond.
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