Line Graph Widget - Plotting time series

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Jun 4 20:50:08 EDT 2019

Hi Glen,

Sounds like the graph widget won't do it.

You could try using my GraphMaker library. I gave a brief talk about it 
at the conference, but since I got back I've been so busy I haven't yet 
got around to making a general announcement.

You can get the library from

This includes the library (a script-only stack), a demo example (binary 
UI stack) and a text file of notes.

I've added a couple of new examples, covering two different ways to 
approach your example; they both convert the time-series to seconds, and 
plot that. Then:

  - graph 7 uses a custom formatting function to convert the 'seconds' 
values into the desired hh:mm:ss to produce a few well-spaced out labels

- graph 8 uses explicit X-axis labels for each data point.

I'm not sure which of those (or some variant of them) might be what you 

Feel free to ask me any questions if anything is unclear, or needs changing.

You can see the output at 

and the required input setup in the demo stack.


On 04/06/2019 07:20, Glen Bojsza via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use the Line Graph Widget to grapg a time series (x axis)
> where the time is in the format 2:45:16
> The time data is being treated like text and therefore tries to plot using
> every x series as a x label.
> Optimally I would like to see only a handful of x labels spread that covers
> the time period as x labels.
> I also tried just using linear data series for the x axis and the Line
> Graph Widget wants to put a label for every number.
> Is there a property that could be set that recognizes the x data series as
> a number or time?
> thanks,
> Glen
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