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Mon Jun 3 11:46:13 EDT 2019

Are you setting the “ink” to something other than the standard srcCopy? I had some image weirdness that happened when I upgraded to Mojave, though I don’t remember which ink setting it was that caused it.

Marty Knapp

> On Jun 3, 2019, at 8:31 AM, Tom Bodine via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm troubleshooting a rare image issue and hope you can help.
> The issue is that some (not all) images used in a LC standalone app appear
> as black boxes.
> Details:
> * Only happens if user is on Mac Mojave.
> * All pictures appeared normally for the users before upgrading to Mojave.
> After upgrading to Mojave, the black boxes appeared for certain pictures.
> (Other pictures in the same game work fine.)
> * For one user, pictures that failed to render were all screenshots done on
> her Mac.
> * For another user, failing pictures were all composite images from
> photographs. (He arranged one or more images on his screen and use Grab or
> Photoshop to capture them as a composite image.)
> * The issue can happen with either jpg or png files.
> * I am certain the picture paths are valid, because LC is finding them and
> sizing the image control's rect to the aspect ratio of the images.
> * The app in use is a LC standalone built on Mac with LC 8.1.10.
> * The app allows users to select images to add to a quiz. Images are stored
> in a media folder and loaded as needed into an image control for display.
> Only one image file is shown at a time. (This has worked reliably for many
> years.) The full path to the image file is provided to the image control.
> Have you seen any similar issue or do you have a theory about what's going
> on?
> Thanks,
> Tom Bodine
> P.S.: Apologies if this post appears more than once. My original listserve
> account wasn't working.
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