A question about openCard

David Epstein dfepstein at comcast.net
Sun Jun 2 18:00:45 EDT 2019

Is there some simple way that an openCard handler can branch based on what card it is coming from?

When a user goes to a different card in a stack, or to a different stack, I use an “openCard” handler to set things up.  But I do not want those actions taken if the user is merely “returning” to a card after using a palette tool, or after a palette tool has been opened.

I’m not sure I understand the full range of events that “close” a card so that returning to it triggers “openCard.”  Does this happen if I set an insertion point or select text in an unlocked field in a palette, or the user types there?  Does it happen if I open a palette, or move a palette, or if the user clicks on the palette?

Many thanks.

David Epstein

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