DataGrid height?

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Sun Jul 28 04:28:39 EDT 2019

i don't know.

Only for the scroller i can tell that for mobile it is created 
automatically as of LC9.x.x, you don't need to create it anymore.

Set the mode to scroller or dynamic for table and container for Form type DG

Maybe you need to reset/refresh the DG after you changed the height

Op 27-7-2019 om 23:46 schreef Dan Friedman via use-livecode:
> Hello!   I'm working with the dataGrid for the first time (LC 9.5).   Pretty cool!  But I'm having an issue...
> Following this lesson,, I created a dataGrid with expanding/collapsing rows.  The expanding/collapsing part is working fine, and the entire dataGrid looks perfect.  But when it expands a row, some rows below are pushed too far down - leaving a big white space.  If I then collapse the row and then expand it again, it works correctly (for that row).
> A little detail...  When the row is created, I am resizing the height of a text field (with the formattedHeight) so that the content fits.  This, of course, is altering the height of the row - which is exactly what I want.  Also, when I try this on a phone, there is no scroller (there is also no scrollbar on desktop).  I have another dataGrid in this project (that isn't calling for dynamic row heights) and it seems to have a scroller automatically (which is WAY cool!).
> Any thoughts as to (1) why it's not expanding correctly, and (2) why there is no scroller on mobile (or desktop)?   My guess is that since I am changing the height of the row on the fly, I need to update some dataGrid property that I am unaware of.
> Any insight would be appreciated!
> -Dan
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