Dan Friedman dan at
Mon Jul 22 23:01:43 EDT 2019

First, may I say that mobileSetKeyboardDisplay is a beautiful thing!  This is a game-changer in working with data in mobile apps.  My applause!  My hat's off!  Now, with that said...

It's not working right.  The first time you open a native field with mobileSetKeyboardDisplay set to "pan", it works perfect!  The second time however, it doesn’t scroll down far enough.  I presume this is related to the same issue that we have with the effective working screenRect.   The first time you call this, and the soft keyboard is open, you get the correct rect.  The second time you request it, you get an incorrect rect.  I have always just saved the first pass at it and used that from then on.   But, don't have the option with mobileSetKeyboardDisplay.  Can we get this fixed??   Please????


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