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Stephen Barncard stephen at
Sun Jul 21 19:24:01 EDT 2019

CRAP. Be Afraid. Be very very Afraid.

I just went through hours of hell trying to get my desktop and documents
back together after trying to NOT use iCloud. Good thing I backed up
everything, but still had to reinstall the system.

And I haven't had the courage to go beyond High Sierra.

My 2010 power probably can't run  ... what's the name again? Catalina.

at least it's a cat.

har har.

Now on to try and find a replacement for Siri.
she only gets way in the way these days.. It's all or nothing at all and
I'm tired of yelling at my phone.
Stephen Barncard - Sebastopol Ca. USA -

On Sun, Jul 21, 2019 at 2:31 PM Richmond via use-livecode <
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> "macOS Catalina gives you more of everything you love about
> Mac. Experience music, TV, and podcasts in three all-new Mac apps. Enjoy
> your favorite iPad apps now on your Mac. Extend your workspace and
> expand your creativity with iPad and Apple Pencil. And discover smart
> new features in the apps you use every day. Now you can take everything
> you do above and beyond."
> Wow: I can translate that into far, far easier language:
> macOS Catalina gives you more of a plastic bathtoy; an extended
> gramophone player, TV, fancy telephone and pornogram, and less of what I
> was brought up to believe a computer really should be.
> Mind you, the "mene, mene, tekel, up-yours!" was there for all to see
> when Steve Jobs killed off Hypercard.
> "Enjoy" . . . Cor! John Calvin was right.
> Love, Richmond.
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