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> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> I'll just direct the user to the web site where
>> they can click a link and it installs.
> Wouldn't that require instructing end-users to first turn off critical
> security features in Android?

Kind of, sometimes. There is already a message on the web site that users 
need to enable "Unknown Sources" in order to download. But it does vary by 
OS. On Android 9 the OS puts up a dialog asking if you want to download and 
stores your preference per app for future updates. On earlier versions of 
the OS they need to go into system settings.

In any case, users will not be the general public and will be expecting a 
private download for a specific purpose. After the app is downloaded, they 
can turn off Unknown Sources if they like. Also, Android's built-in malware 
scanning works regardless of the system setting, so not all security 
features are turned off.

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