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This is harder than I thought.. You need to create intents(different ones
for various Android OS versions), add REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES in your
manifest and make sure you have permission to external storage.

The Browser method will only allow you to download the apk to the download
folder and the user will have to browse to it with a file manager and click
on it to start the install.

Why your browser is not starting the download might be Chrome trying to save
you from malicious apps? I can download an apk if I type a url into Chrome.
Maybe you can get around this with a page redirect?

All in all to make this automatic will be a process.

Maybe a stub stack and downloading a new main stack to update might be

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I'm trying to download an apk update from a server without success. What is
the correct URL format? This fails:

   launch url ("")

This launches Chrome but stops at whatever web page was previously open. 
It doesn't even go to the designated domain. The goal is to have Android
recognize the file type and offer to install/update.

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