New lesson about codesigning an app, creating codesgined DMG and Notarize it for distribution outside of the Mac App Store

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at
Fri Jul 19 15:24:28 EDT 2019


some days ago i´ve published a lesson to Livecode´s Lesson area.
The lesson can be found here <>.

The lesson covers how to prepare an app/dmg for distribution outside the Mac Appstore for the upcoming Mac OS 10.15 Mojave.
- codesigning an app using shell
- creating DMG using hdiutil or the dropdmg command line tool
- codesigning dmg using shell
- notarizing and stapling the DMG using the shell
- there are also all needed prerequisites described including how to create certificates and app-specific passwords and so on.

I´ve also added a stack which does the basic steps like app codesgning (including some preparations before the signing) and creating and codesigning the DMG. So with the stack only notarizing and stapling has to be done manually.

I am currently working on a stack which will do also the complete notarizing/stapling process.

I tried to describe all the needed steps as detailed as possible. 

Maybe this lesson is useful for the one or other.



Matthias Rebbe

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