Best Temp Pass Autoresponder?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Jul 16 18:27:06 EDT 2019

Hi Rick,

I copied / pasted that script from your mail into my LC server script, 
and made two small changes ("To" address I changed from yours to one of 
mine, and "From" address I changed to be within my domain), and tried 
that. It worked fine, and I did receive the email.

So (just to check) I changed the From address to a nonsense one 
(random at and again that worked and I got the email OK.

So I changed the To address back to yours and ran it again.  If you got 
the resulting email (probably twice), then that too works, and there 
must be some config difference between your hosting account and mine. So 
I changed the shell call that sends the email to include outputting the 
results, as below:

    get shell("echo" && wrapQ(shellEscape(tMsg)) && "| 
/usr/sbin/sendmail" && \
          wrapQ(shellEscape(pTo)) && "-f" && wrapQ(shellEscape(pFrom)))
    put "result = " & the result & "<br>" & CR
    put "it = " & it & "<br>" & CR

For me, that (as expected) produces both the result and 'it' as empty - 
but maybe you'll see something different. (btw I'm on sage and Livecode 
hosting, and using LC 9.x (i.e. my script is try.lc9).

Let me know how you get on.


On 16/07/2019 18:23, Rick Harrison via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Ok, I tried going back to basics just to see
> what I could get to work.
> I managed to get the ReverseName function to work fine
> all by itself in the server.
> Then I tried the command mail shell method all by itself.
> It looks like the code is executing, but I receive no email!
> I’ve listed the code here to see if you spot anything.

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