Gzip in HTML5

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Fri Jul 12 13:01:35 EDT 2019

Nothing directly/manually.
The "need" for Gzip is meant to speed up serving the HTML5 standalone.
This is done (after configuring the .htaccess file) by the server.

The standalone builder gives you the files exactly as you need them.
What you can change to your taste is the html file connected to the standalone.

Here is the pdf of a talk I gave in 2016, the second part contains
an example customized html file and moreover (on page 15) some hints
how to optimize serving html5 standalones using Gzip/Apache:


Compare your serving speed to the speed of the last samples of http://hyperhh.org/html5/ (which is optimized) using Safari.

If have here a loading time of at most 7 seconds for the first time
and 4 seconds when using the same LC version.
[http://hh.on-rev.com/html5/ is (currently) much slower...]

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