tsNet and AWSS3 questions

KOOB mkoob at rogers.com
Fri Jul 12 11:35:56 EDT 2019

I have posted this on the forums and have not got any response.
So I am trying on the use-list.

I am changing from using mergAWSS3 commands to using the new AWSS3 commands in LC 9.0.4.

I have two questions about how tsNet and the new AWSS3 commands work together

1. It seems I need to use tsNetGetStatus to monitor progress on uploads and downloads with AWSS3PutObject and AWSS3GetObject. If I use tsNetGetStatus do I have to call tsNetInit first? Does this just have to be called one time when the application opens or each time tsNetGetStatus is called?

2. In my application I used mergAWSS3Cancel to give the user the option to be able to cancel downloads or uploads that were taking too long or appeared to be stuck. I don’t see an equivalent in the AWSS3 commands nor in the tsNet commands. Is there a way to cancel a tsNet operation in progress?

Thanks for any input.

Martin Koob

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