Best Practice with Player object to determine audio or video

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Jul 11 11:28:13 EDT 2019

I'm looking for the best way (code), cross platform, to determine if the 
media a user selected for a player object is audio (only) or a video.

I am surprised there is not some inherent player property to get this 
information. I am using an approach that looks at the formattedHeight 
(with audio media that should just be the height of the controller), but 
is there some better approach. What if, for some strange reason someone 
loads a 2px high video? There isn't a way to get the controler height 
exactly and I think it is slightly different between OSX and Windows 
(and I have not checked Linux or any other platform)

This is our current code:

getProp mediaType -- returns whether a player is showing audio, video, 
or none
    put 40 into maxControllerHeight -- magic number
    if word 1 of the name of the target is not "player" then return empty
    if the filename of the target is empty OR there is no file (the 
filename of the target) then return "none" -- player not loaded
    if the formattedHeight of the target <= maxControllerHeight then 
return "audio" else return "video"
end mediaType

However, the "40" figure bother me because it doesn't come from LiveCode 
itself. What if with LC10, the Mothership revised the controller and its 
now 41px high and the code breaks. Anyone have a better way?

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