script for redo/undo text?

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Hehe, you are, of course, right and I'd be inclined to do it the 'non' way

In simple terms, in the 'non' way you only store the changes (like SVC)
rather than the whole field. But it's far harder to explain in detail and
infinitesimally so when you think about the many possible scenarios your
text goes through while editing - and then thinking about it you realise
you've only thought about the top of the iceberg that's sitting above the

(Is that your thinking too, Curry, or did you have an even better way in

Oh, the headache has started again. I'm going back to my HTML5 {slightly}
less painfull headaches. :)

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On Tue, 9 Jul 2019 at 13:29, Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode <
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> Sean:
>  > The likely method for a WP-like unlimited Un/Re-do is to work
>  > with chunks. It's going to be a major memory-whore for large text
>  > but the most practical, easy way.
> And then there's the, um, NON-memory-whore approach. Always my fave.
> (I'm picky like that when it comes to the whole code "morality" thing
> and corresponding app performance.) :D
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