script for redo/undo text?

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Tue Jul 9 05:24:36 EDT 2019

Hi Nicolas

It becomes quite the memory hoarder as the document goes on (as you can imagine) but I created one that is basically an indexed svc-like array. It can be char or word based. 

I also created (although it wouldn’t suit your purpose) a very complex undo/redo for a number of prototype game show apps that covered anything that happened. It twists your brain working out the infinite possibilities but is doable. It often just takes a bit of research and planning - especially if you are breaking new ground. 

I’ll post up a simplified script in a bit. 

Sean Cole
Pi Digital Prod Ltd

> On 9 Jul 2019, at 04:05, Nicolas Cueto via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Good day eh.
> To quote a post from "User Experience Stack Exchange
> <>":
> "<bold> undo/redo is one of the biggest implementation, testing and
> maintenance headaches </bold>  in any significantly sized application"
> And yet I ask...
> Would someone care to volunteer a redo/undo script that works on text in a
> text-field object? ... especially a script that provides (almost) full undo
> history?
> (Note: Just changes to text. Not to LC objects themselves.)
> Ta.
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> Nicolas Cueto
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