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I've just been teaching my youngest about the 4th - nth dimensions. Time is
not the 4th but the 1st temporal dimension. If the 3 spatial dimensions are
Length, height and width then the 4th is depth, ie, going inwards and
outwards as the easiest way to picture it (but not truly representative).
That being the case, how would you describe the 5th spacial dimension.
That'll twist your noggin if it's not something you've thought of before :)


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> Heh! That reminds me, I knew a British professor once who used the
> illustration that a two dimensional being, confronted with a line would
> perceive it as impassible. He then went on to explain how it might be that
> a 3 dimensional being, when needing to see into the future might perceive
> it as impossible, whereas to a 4th dimensional being, that is not bound by
> time, would not.
> Bob S
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> >
> > Sure. I do it all the time and everybody knows how 1D I am.
> >
> > Some random thoughts:
> >
> > A Turing machine might be considered 1D. It can draw x,y.
> >
> > This past month, I was working in very high dimensions. I was not able
> to visualize that very well and used dimension reduction techniques such as
> PCA, UMAP and t-SNE to help. I would guess the 1D being might have to do
> something similar for "visualization". Maybe.
> >
> > Lewis and Clark went on a path or route, 1D, and took measurements that
> allowed them to create a 2D map. That is, the space of the 1D path was
> assumed to bend in a 2D space.
> >
> > The floor of my lab looks 2D to me, but I have latitude and longitude
> marked for the center. That labelling assumes a curving into 3D.
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