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> Hi Paul,
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>> No it is not consistent, but some of the syntax was baked into Metacard long ago,
>> often in response to some specific customer asking for a way to do some specific thing. 
>> Remember, Metacard was effectively a product of a single person.
> Yes, I am using Dr. Raneys wonderful piece of software since 1999. :-)
>> For LiveCode to change it now would break far fr too many existing stacks
> Au contraire, mon ami! 
> Simply because this (being able to set the SHORT name of an object) is not allowed until now, 
> but would make a lot of sense! 
> So this would be an addition and nothing that might break older syntax.

Of course I did not mean to replace:
set the name of img 1 to "xxx"
set the short name of img 1 to "xxx"

I just wanted to be able to ALSO use that (way more logical) syntax.


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