Do variable vs field as AppleScript

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Wed Jul 3 10:55:39 EDT 2019

Relative to the speech recognition, and there only being several hundred iterations, I would say hardly. if it added 20 milliseconds to a process that takes many tens of minutes (I suspect the speech has to be uttered in real time) I hardly call that a delay. 

Bob S

> On Jul 3, 2019, at 03:28 , David V Glasgow via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I have a script which in the fullness of time will repeatedly (several hundred times) run a list of commands as an Applescript.  It will take a fair bit of time to loop through because each iteration involves speech recognition.
> My question is, will there be any meaningful speed advantage to storing the AppleScript in a variable rather than field?  This doesn’t mean finishing all 340 iterations faster, because the slowdown is the human thinking about the question and giving a response.  I’m thinking about a bit more responsivity from 
> tell application "SpeechRecognitionServer"
> 	local tresult, choicesLanguageModel, titem
> 	set choicesLanguageModel to {"false", "slightly true", "mainly true", "very true"}
> set tPrompt to "item 6"
> 	set tresult to listen for choicesLanguageModel with prompt tPrompt giving up after 30
> 	say tresult
> 	return tresult
> end tell
> (I should say that the line "set tPrompt to "item 6”” looks a bit weird because it is incremented under script control, and when that happens the indent is lost.)
> I know I could test, but if someone just knows….
> Cheers
> David Glasgow

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